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Truck Accident Lawyer New York, we care about you

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80 Broad St., Suite 1202 New York, NY 10004

Some Real Results

Deonarine Damo was injured on a construction site and was awarded $1.5 million dollars

Maria Gomez was struck by a police car and was awarded $1.25 million dollars

Ronald Fikus was awarded $900 thousand dollars after his construction site accident.

Suzanne Bilkis was awarded $600 thousand after she was struck by a UPS truck.

Nancy Suarez was awarded $450,000 when she fell down stairs at a bodega

We believe that you already understand what's possible

So what do you need to do to get the compensation?

You have to Call us or Fill up the form with a little description of what happened to you.

Upon receiving your Call or information our Main lawyer "Cornelius Redmond" will talk to you or will call you to discuss further to determine whether you have a case or not. Because you have to understand that every injury doesn't make a case

And if you have a case then Lawyer Redmond will give you all the instructions about how you have to move forward to get the compensation you deserve. And the best part is, you don't have to spend even a penny before winning the case.

We don't want you to talk with our staff about your case, we want you to directly talk with our main Lawyer "Neil Redmond" for free which other lawyers would have charged you thousands

Ebony Spruell

It was an auto Accident

Super fast follow-ups. Professional service. Friendly and pleasant atmosphere

Yakira Lloyd

It was a slip & fall

Mr. Redmond is an extremely professional attorney, with excellent response time, and a great work ethic. He fights for what’s right and will put the client's best interest first.

kseniya ligay

It was an Assault & battery

Very personal cell phone...always responsive..good quality person..highly recommend

Testimonials of our real clients

Call us 646-285-7115

So without wasting time & diminishing your case value contact us right now

80 Broad St., Suite 1202 New York, NY 10004


About Your Friendly Lawyer

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Your Attorney has over 22  years of litigation experience and his goal is to obtain the best possible result under the law for your case.  

He became a lawyer to fight for victims’ rights.

He believes that accident victims need a strong person to fight for their right to compensation, coz without strong representation, insurance companies, and offenders usually get away without any compensation.

His motto of life is to help people like you to get the compensation you deserve so that you could live a tension-free life after the incident, coz he seen many incidents where accidents turned many peoples lives totally upside down, and offenders got away without paying any kind of compensation.

That's why he took an oath to fight to the last for people like you so that no offender could get away anymore. 


Get Justice & Compensation for Your Pain, Suffering, Lost Wages, and Medical Bills Fast in a 100% Risk-Free Way.

  • Case 100% Free, means $0.00 dollars Fee. No Win, No Fee at all.

  • You don't have to spend even a penny before winning the case.

  • We will carry 100% case cost on behalf of you.

  • ​Our main lawyer "Cornelius Redmond" will directly talk to you to discuss your case 100% free consultation.

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